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dc.contributor.authorAlmutairi, Mutlaq 2013
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents a standard solid model for human tibia, accounting for the material characteristics of cortical bone, cancellous bone and bone marrow. A CT scan of a cadaveric human tibia was used as the basis of developed model. A total of 201 CT scan slices of the tibia were taken with the distances between the scans varying along the length of the bone with a higher density at the proximal and distal ends, as those were the regions of interest. The data was imported into MIMICS (Materialise), and the threshold method was used to differentiate between the cortical bone region, cancellous bone region, and the bone marrow cavity. The solid model used to generate the FE model is constructed based on CT scan data of an actual cadaveric human tibia. The geometric information is retrieved and edited in (MIMICS). The surfaces defining the cortical bone, the proximal and distal epiphyseal cancellous bone and medullar cavity regions are converted into NURBS surfaces using (GEOMAGIC STUDIO).
dc.relation.journalGlobal Journal of Engineering & Applications of Sciences
dc.titleSolid Modeling and Pre-static Finite Element Modeling of Intact Human Tibia
dc.typeJournal Article

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