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dc.contributor.authorAl-Khouli, Khitam
dc.description.abstractThis study highlights the iconic prevalence of the ''The Horse" in a semiotic analysis of Amal DonqoFs poetry. The referential relationship between sign and signifier as exemplified in tactile, olfactory and sound symbolism will be a major focus of the paper. Horses have a special significance in Donqofs ouvert their tropes and phrases will be studied and explored in terms of iconography and intersexuality. In addition, Donqol's poetry reinforces the use of the horse's iconography in the poem's thematic, body, as well as title. The effectiveness of the semiotic significance of this symbolism, as well as the historical, and religions references of the iconography as a whole, shall be widely explored.
dc.relation.journalDirasat, The University of Jordan
dc.titleThe Iconography of the Horse in the Poetry of Amal Dunqol
dc.typeJournal Article

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