Smart Irrigation System

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Ahmad, Ali
Al Saffar, Yousef
AlMshaweh, Dalal
AlKuwaiti, Fatima
In the era of modern technology, development is a major wheel that is in motion. At first it was a computer that filled a room with wires and now, in hand with a single click that makes the difference of several commands. But to surpass the basic term of technology is to bring up the term IOT which is Internet of Things and the classification of it is to refer to the network of physical objects that are surrounded with sensors, software and plenty of technological basis in order to exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet. The limit of IOT is not only to exchange data, but to allow the system to communicate and control information by applying a meaningful purpose. IOT is based protocols and layers which present the major part of what is going to be applied and inserted for the required system. Which is why we bring up the regular Irrigation system that is mostly installed in home and factories. Such Irrigation system is controlled by a timer which requires adjustments that differs from season and depending on the weather condition. However, our aim as a team is to improve such mechanism and to make it a smart system that is self-adjusting no matter what the weather condition is and make it associated with an alternative energy source which is solar power. Basically, the IOT is a dynamic global network infrastructure with self-configuring capabilities based on standard and interoperable communication protocol where physical and virtual things have identities and interact through intelligent interfaces with users and their environment. Thus, our Smart Irrigation system will solve itself by creating a system with a mind of its own
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