Waste Watchers

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Al-Aradi, Laila
AlAlawi, Mohammed
Al-Sharrad, Munerah
Al-Sabah, Shaikhah
With such advancements in technology, one would think that an issue as simple as pollution would seize to exist. Sadly, that is hardly the case. Kuwait is one of the countries in the Arabian Gulf to have a great fish habitat and to rely on seawater for its water supply. However, due to issues such as underwater piping, oil spills, and trash-filled shores; marine life is in danger. Not only does water pollution cause the extinction of our sea creatures, but it can also have a direct effect on us humans. Water Pollution has been found to be the underlying factor of many water-borne diseases such as Typhoid and Malaria. Many chemicals found in water lead to pesticides that can damage our immune system and potentially cause cancer. So, as a group of motivated engineering students; we are hoping to tackle the issue of water pollution in hopes of having and maintaining waste less bodies of water. We have decided to create a net/waste collector, powered by solar energy. This ensures we reduce carbon footprints by using renewable energy and resulting in minimal to no harm to our marine life. Possible features of our device may include sensors to keep track of the current weight of the net. GPS locators to keep track of our device’s whereabouts, so that it doesn't get to an unreachable distance. Magnets may be used to keep heavier objects such as cans in place. Motors will be attached to provide motion to the net and to bring this design to life
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