Solar Hybrid Bicycle

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Hawary, Merna
Hamadh, Ibrahim
Dosari, Khaled
Al-Chaarawi, Lina
Solar photo-voltaic (PV) panels provide a convenient and cost-effective way to produce electricity. In some countries, electricity is still very expensive, and making use of solar radiations, PV panels provide almost free electricity. A major source of pollution in modern cities is transportation which emit huge amount of smoke and carbon. In this Capstone project, a hybrid (electric and manual) bicycle will be built which will be powered by the solar energy while having a certain storage potential to store the excessive energy and at the same time providing a pollution free means of transportation. In addition, according to some statistics, “nearly 2 billion individuals worldwide classified as being overweight and 650 million as having obesity”. Hence, the solar bicycle will encourage people to commute using bicycles leading to a healthy life, especially when they use the bicycle in manual mode. In this proposed project, the bicycle will have a battery that will be charged by solar panels installed on a stand on the back of the bicycle and the battery will drive a motor to produce torque that will drive the bicycle. Therefore, the bicycle will have two operating modes, manual and electric. If the cyclist is riding in manual mode for a long distance and gets tired on the way, he/she can change to electric mode. A sophisticated control and monitoring system will be implemented to control the bicycle speed, and breaks will be added for safety of the rider. The bicycle’s operating system will be synchronized with the cyclist mobile phone using a website. This will allow the cyclist to turn ON/OFF the motor whenever he needs switching between the manual and the electric modes. The bicycles’ battery will also have a 220 V AC charger to charge it from an AC power outlet, which will be useful for charging the battery during nighttime and in inconvenient weather conditions
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