Smart Workplace Jacket

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Zahrah Ahmed
Abdulhadi, Mariam
Alajmi, Nourah
In many sectors that require physical work such as constructions and others, we can see these days that safety awareness has increased, and many types of equipment and machines have been invented and developed to serve the workers’ needs, and all of these types of equipment can save the workers’ time, help them finish the hard work, and decrease the number of accidents that might happen during their work. Despite all of that, we can still skim the news and read about the number of severe accidents that happen to the workers during their work in the construction sites. The accidents happen either because of miscommunication between the workers, or by human error, and this is a reason why the productivity of the sectors is not evolving the way it should, and this could also affect the economy. Thus, we came up with an effective way to prevent those accidents by protecting the workers’ lives and increasing the efficiency of their work. Basically, the project idea is a smart workplace jacket that is developed for the workers to wear during their work time. The jacket contains features that can save the worker’s time, have better communication with their colleagues, and minimize the risks that the workers might face. The jacket is equipped with smart LED lights that could have a certain unique color based on the profession of the worker or to which department the worker belongs to. Those LED lights are connected to the sensors that sense if the worker is in danger, then those lights turn on once the sensors send signals. Furthermore, there will be a GPS tracker attached to the jacket, so that we can detect the location of each worker, and in case of emergencies it will notify other workers/company of their current location and their status. We can implement the previous feature by creating an application to connect all the workers together, and the jacket will be connected to a smart helmet that contains a sensor that will calculate the luminosity and turn on the flashlight when the worker is in a dark place. The jacket will be equipped with water resistive components that will allow the worker to work under all weather conditions and all circumstances comfortably. We are planning to add more features in the application to make their work more organized such as having a check list of the things they need to construct or finish, and there will be a way to communicate through that application. Moreover, we are going to develop the jacket in the future to add more smart features that will assure the workers to work together safely and in harmony
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