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Imam, Omar
Julian Al Ayoub
Seham Al Rabbah
As we all know, fire kills. More so, just being surrounded by fire for as little as a few minutes, breathing small amounts of toxic elements can cause a person to pass out. The thick black smoke that fire gives off makes it almost impossible to see where one is going. Most people who die from fire die from toxic gases, the thick black smoke and lack of oxygen. With that being said, firefighters face constant serious risks in their job such due to heat exhaustion, physical and mental stress, and burns. In order to help these firefighters, we have come up with a solution of an autonomous fire-fighting robot. This robot will be designed to be a reliable and heavy duty mechanical robot who will be able to reduce the risk of the lives of firefighters as well as the amount of destruction that is caused by the fires with the help of a remote controller. The robot will be using high quality cameras which will help with scanning the area in order to make sure it is safe for the firefighters to proceed. As for putting out the fire, a large amount of foam will be stored in a cylinder so that the fire can be put out as effectively as possible while still being sage for the environment and not as heavy for the tank. The firebot will also be using gas sensors in order to detect different gasses as well as O2 sensors using a microcontroller. Firebot will be completely autonomous and will be able to overcome any obstacles as it will be able to climb stairs. On top of that, our firefighting robot will not only be able to help firefighters but also help any victims who are stuck in the fire and in need of immediate help. With the use of a microphone and speaker, the victims will be able to communicate with the firefighters so that they could be immediately attended to. Overall, with the help of our fighting robot, many lives could be spared and fire could be sustained at a faster and smoother pace.
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