Smart LED Bike Jacket

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alsalman, Mariam
alkhudher, Noor
Shabakouh, Hajar
Saad AlSubaei, while riding his bike in Shaikh Jaber AlAhmad Bridge on December 18th, 2019 and had faced a tragic car accident. Kuwait lost one of its special cyclists who represented Kuwait in many local and international professional cycling competitions. Due to that sorrowful and heartbroken misfortune and since one of our team member's like to cycle too. We were keen to join finding a solution to those who like to cycle from amateurs to professional athletes to reduce any human or financial losses in the future. After brainstorming, we came up with a practical solution in which to solve this problem by developing a safety jacket that is made from fabricated LEDs. This jacket will have some features that will increase the safety level such as blind spots' sensors and direction signal indicators. We believe that by developing this jacket using the latest modern electronic technology, we would not only help biking enthusiasts only but also those who are afraid of getting in accidents by using bikes as transportation using the latest modern electronic technology. The Smart LED Bike Jacket should be considered without a second doubt due to the safety features it has. We recognized the many unfortunate cases that happen occasionally to cyclers, mainly because there’s no assigned space for them in the roads. Due to that, we want to assist them in a smart way and to conduct this major project in order to help them have more safety. We want to take a step further and allow cyclers to freely practice their sport with ease. This innovative jacket should not only be considered locally but worldwide, as there’s many countries like we do, that don’t have the assigned lane for cyclers.
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