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    • Effortless Zeinth Planting Zone (E.Z.P.Z) 

      Roaa Al- Majed; Madi, Ali; Bin Sanad, Ahmad (College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2021-06-13)
      Many people around the world are interested in planting inside their homes. However, they are faced with a major issue: keeping their plants alive in a less than ideal space. Taking care of a plant is thought to be a ...
    • FPGA Accelerated Secure Data Communication 

      AlBader, Sadoon; Dhari SlMejren; Ibrahim Al-Shammari; Bader Al- Failakawy (College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2021-01-31)
      Many methods of encryption and authentication have been used in communications and many vulnerabilities have been found in them, prompting researchers to explore new algorithms for unbreakable security and privacy codes. ...