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dc.contributor.authorUrkevich, Lisa
dc.description.abstractThrough an examination of images, texts, artists, composers, and the lives of royal figures, the original owners of the chansonnier London, British Library, Ms. Royal 20 A. XVI are determined in this study. Earlier scholarship suggested that the chansonnier was commissioned by Louis d’Orléans, and compiled in two parts, the first in 1483 while he was still duke, and the second approximately fifteen years later when he was betrothed to Anne of Brittany and crowned king. A fresh review of the evidence, including the pages of borders with wings (the symbol of Bourbon), indicates that the manuscript was prepared for Anne de Beaujeu (Anne of France) and her husband Pierre de Bourbon around 1488 when they gained their positions as duke and duchess of Bourbon.
dc.relation.journalJournal of the Alamire Foundation
dc.titleThe Wings of the Bourbon: The Early Provenance of the Chansonnier London, British Library, Ms. Royal 20 A. XVI
dc.typeJournal Article

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