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dc.contributorZigon, Tina
dc.identifier.citationedwards, kari (2017).Zigon, Tina (ed.), dôNrm’-lä-püsl, Toronto, ON: eth press.
dc.description.abstractThis book brings to life an important document discovered in the late poet’s archive at the Poetry Collection at the University of Buffalo. The several notebooks and partial typescript (as well as various plans and notes) of edwards’ unfinished dôNrm’-lä-püsl, uncovered by Tina Žigon, offer an intriguing glimpse of a major new direction in edwards’ work, one in which her avant-garde instincts are channeled through rigorous research on this medieval figure. In this retelling – better to say “remixing” – of Joan of Arc’s fateful trial and martyrdom, we find the major theme so richly laced throughout edwards’ oeuvre: the courageous (but also depressingly mundane) struggle against the stifling regulation of language, appearance, and norms. edwards’s Joan of Arc, even in its incomplete and abbreviated form (which Žigon calls a “possible version” of edwards’s manuscript), offers an exciting engagement with one of the medieval period’s most challenging and mysterious figures.
dc.publisherpunctum books / eth press
dc.relationDepartment of English
dc.relation.otherCollege of Arts and Sciences

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