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dc.contributor.authorKononova, Anastasia
dc.contributor.authorAlhabash, S.
dc.contributor.authorCropp, F.
dc.description.abstractMass media have been considered a powerful agent of political socialization, affecting political attitudes and behaviors of voters and non-voters. This study employed a survey of international students in the US to investigate the effects of print, television and online news on political socialization during the 2008 US presidential race. Results indicated that newspaper and television news use significantly predicted internal political efficacy and intentions to participate in American politics. Media ‘nationality’, motivation to apply for permanent residence and duration of stay in the US were explored for possible moderation of media effects on political socialization. The findings are discussed within the framework of media effects on political socialization in host and home countries.
dc.relation.journalInternational Communication Gazette
dc.titleThe Role of Media in the Process of Socialization to American Politics Among International Students
dc.typeJournal Article

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