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dc.contributor.authorMansour, Aly
dc.contributor.authorArnous, Hanan
dc.contributor.authorAhmed, Mohsen
dc.contributor.authorFahmy, Mona
dc.description.abstractAbstract This study is an exploration of environmental care impact on the hospitality industry in the Arab-World. It started by reviewing the latest efforts of environmental awareness in the hospitality industry in the Arab-world. Various efforts to ensure environmental awareness within the hospitality industry in various parts of the world were then presented. The study presented successful practices overseas with possibilities and potentials of applying similar practices within the Arab-World. Finally, the study offered the positive impact of environmental awareness and solutions on the hospitality industry in the Arab-World. This study used a quantitative research method. A 15-question survey was sent electronically to a random sample of college students throughout the State of Kuwait to obtain data, examine and address the research questions. The final study sample consisted of 116 students, representing 77% of original random population. The analysis of the survey findings suggested that there is a strong potential for the feasibility of sustainable environmental practices within the hospitality industry in the Arab-World. Additionally, there was a consensus that youth groups were more eager than the older generations in applying positive environmental practices within the hospitality industry. The study also showed that youth groups prefer cheaper accommodations, such as hostels and youth camps, to enhance environmental practices while encouraging travelling within the region. Key Words: Environmental awareness, Environmental care, environmental management, hospitality industry, hotel management.
dc.relation.journalAl-Hijaz International Refereed Journal for Islamic & Arabic Studies
dc.titleEnvironmental Care Impact on Managing & Marketing Hospitality Industry in the Arab-World
dc.typeJournal Article

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