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    • 3-D Modeling of Axial Fans 

      Elsaheli, Ali; Zogheib, Bashar; Barron, Ronald (2013)
      In this paper we present a full-geometry Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling of air flow distribution from an automotive engine cooling fan. To simplify geometric modeling and mesh generation, different solution ...
    • Approximations to the t distribution 

      Zogheib, Bashar; Elsaheli, Ali (2015)
      In this paper, a few formulas are found to approximate the t cumulative distribution function. The formulas found in [5] to approximate the normal distributions are used to get good approximations for t. The derived ...
    • Study of University Students' Achievement in Low-Level Mathematics Classes 

      Zogheib, Bashar; Zogheib, Salah; Elsaheli, Ali (2013)
      The purpose of this study was to compare students' achievement in college algebra classes in two different universities, and to explore factors that might affect such achievement. Two groups of students were considered in ...
    • Surface Grid Generation 

      Zogheib, Bashar; Elsaheli, Ali
      Grid generation technology has long been recognized as a critical issue in practical applications of computational fluid dynamics analyses [7]. Methods have been developed to implement geometry modeling technologies in ...
    • The Role of MathXL in the Online Learning of Algebra 

      Zogheib, Bashar; Zogheib, Salah; Elsaheli, Ali (2012)
      The purpose of this study is to explore and describe the impact that platforms such as MathXL can have on students’ attitudes and performance in college algebra classes. MathXL is an innovative series of text-specific ...
    • University Students' Achievement in Mathematics: The Role of Student's Gender, Instructor's Gender, Educational Level, and Experience 

      Zogheib, Salah; Zogheib, Bashar; Elsaheli, Ali (2015)
      Educational research that investigated the influence of gender on university students’ mathematics achievement has focused mainly on student gender. The role played by instructors in determining such achievement has always ...