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    • Neighbor Connectivity of the Alternating Group Graph 

      Abdullah, Mohammad; Hung, Chun-Nan (Journal of Interconnection Networks, 2021-07-21)
      Given a graph G=(V,E), its neighbor connectivity is the least number of vertices whose deletion along with their neighbors results in a disconnected, complete, or empty graph. The edge neighbor connectivity is the least ...
    • The Conditional Strong Matching Preclusion of Augmented Cubes 

      Abdullah, Mohammad; Cheng, Eddie (Theory and Applications of Graphs, 2021-03-01)
      The strong matching preclusion is a measure for the robustness of interconnection networks in the presence of node and/or link failures. However, in the case of random link and/or node failures, it is unlikely to find all ...
    • Untitled 

      Abdullah, Mohammad; Cheng, Eddie (Congressus Numerantium, 2018)
      o et al. introduced the alternating group graph as an interconnection network topology for computing systems. The concept of panconnected graphs was proposed by Alavi and Williamson. A graph $G$ with vertex set $V(G)$ is ...