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dc.contributor.authorMohemi, Z.
dc.contributor.authorSpeece, Mark
dc.description.abstractThis paper reports on a survey of customer satisfaction with a credit company's services in Khorasan Jonobi, Iran. We followed Mihelis et al. (1) in using their five dimensions and their measures. Some researchers have begun to call for segmentation analysis based on satisfaction and we have done that here. There are four distinct segments. One has high satisfaction across all dimensions, one was relatively low on all of them. Two segments were midway on most dimensions, but one was positive about the personnel, one negative. These results show that the managerial problem here is not entirely about upgrading service operations. Rather, it is a targeting and positioning problem for marketing.
dc.relation.journalJournal of Accountancy and Management, Special Issue on the 15th Asian Forum for Business Education International Conference
dc.titleSatisfaction segmentation among finance company customers in Khorasan Jonobi, Iran
dc.typeConference Paper

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