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dc.contributor.authorAbu Doush, Iyad
dc.contributor.authorAlnabhan, Mohammed
dc.contributor.authorHammad, Mustafa
dc.identifier.citationHammad, M., Alnabhan, M., Abu Abu Doush, I., Alsalem, G. M., Al-Alem, F. A., & Mouhammd Mahmoud Al-awadi,. (2020). Evaluating Usability and Content Accessibility for e-Learning Websites in the Middle East. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (IJTHI), 16(1), 54-62. doi:10.4018/IJTHI.2020010104
dc.description.abstractQuality has become a fundamental requirement for success and sustainability of websites. This study discusses the evaluation of some e-Learning websites as one of the main sources of information to administrators, students and teachers in the educational systems. This article investigates the quality of e-learning websites in the Middle East in term of usability and content accessibility. Eleven websites from eleven countries were selected for this study. Evaluations process is done based on different web diagnostic tools and measures. The experimental results show several issues on usability and content accessibility of the selected e-learning websites. Many usability problems with respect of speed and number of broken links were found. Moreover, the design of the selected websites is not fit with the content accessibility standards.
dc.titleEvaluating Usability and Content Accessibility for e-Learning Websites in the Middle East
dc.typeJournal Article

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