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    An Exploration of Descriptive and Prescriptive Grammarians
    (Department of English, 2022-05-22) Al-Sabah, Noora
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    Arabian Sands: Cultural Racism in 19th century Arabia
    (Department of English, 2019-11-29) Almahdi, Nawaf
    This essay was written as my final research paper for my capstone course, English Literature seminar (ENGL450) class in November 2019. The capstone course’s topic at that time was focused on Travel Literature. The essay is a reflection on Sir Wilfred Thesiger’s travel writing book Arabian Sands; the paper talks about Thesiger’s observations on the antagonistic views of the Bedu of the Middle – East, and the reasons behind their animosity towards him in the 1940’s. My thesis in this paper demystifies the reasons the Bedu in Arabian Sands showed hostility from the sides of History and Cultural backgrounds, where there will be mentions of both Political and Islamic terminology that relates to Thesiger’s book aesthetic; furthermore, the essay also utilizes the lenses of Post-Colonialist and Cultural Studies theories to determine the settings of the novel alongside my analysis of the story.
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    H.G. Wells: New Objectivity & The Marxist Machine
    (Department of English, 2019-11-24) Almahdi, Nawaf
    This essay was written as my final research paper for Literary Theory & Criticism class (ENG415), a capstone course taught by Professor Malek Hardan Mohammed. This paper focuses on H.G. Wells’ popular novel The Time Machine where I employed theories from the school of Marxism alongside my analysis of the story, where I have identified Wells’ usage of political and social themes that talks of the corruption of his society during the Victorian Era. What makes this essay unique is how Well’ uses fiction and metaphors to converse with the reader about theories about social reformation and possible outcomes if society did not take action in fixing its economy and bringing balance between social classes.
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    Dilemma of the Spelling Reform
    (Department of English, 2017-10-10) Almahdi, Nawaf
    This essay was written in History of the English Language (ENGL300) with Professor Inas Mahfouz in 2017. This research paper was for an assignment where we had to write an argument with or against George Orwell’s Spelling Reform Theory, and my thesis counters most of the major points to Orwell’s theory. Orwell provides six points where he talks of how each of them could benefit the linguistic formation of the English Language, but one should think of the economic and academic crisis that could occur if the language reform was taken to action, where billions of dollars would be spent on reprinting and unnecessary deforestation.