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    • A Smart SCADA System for Oil Refineries 

      Al-Fadhl, M.; A. Zaher (The 2nd International Conference on Computing Sciences and Engineering (ICCSE 2018), Kuwait, March 11-1)
      This paper proposes a smart automated scheme to monitor and control various processes in oil refineries. The proposal aims to continuously collect data from oil tanks and pipelines, trigger alarm systems for any malfunction, ...
    • Automated Smart Solar Irrigation System 

      A. Zaher; Hidab, H.; Al-Baitamouni, A., and Al-Bathal, M. (Smart Cities Symposium (SCS�18), Bahrain, (April 22-)
      This paper introduces an Automated Smart Solar Irrigation System (ASSIS) that avoids the disadvantages and limitations of existing traditional irrigation systems, mainly nonuniform distribution of water to all crops and ...