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  • Voice of AUK v14, Issue 5, April 2018 

    Student Affairs (2018)
  • AUK Catalog 2019-2020 

    AUK (2019)
  • Virtual Electric Machines Laboratory (V-Lab) 

    Hasan, Batool; Al-Mousa, Shahad; Al-Quorashy, Yara; Al-Sahhaf, Yousef (2019/22/05)
    Virtual reality is the current technology wave owing to its multi-disciplinary platform involving 3D modelling and visualization tools. It incorporates auditory, visual, and sensory feedback to create an interactive and ...
  • Flow Blocks- Tangible Media 

    Lulu, Asma; Sharar, Fai; Kheder, Farah; Kablaoui, Reham (2019/22/05)
    Tangible media is a type of medium that interacts with the user via physical element controlled by digital data. Our project Flow Blocks is a tangible media table that could be used in educational, entertainment and ...
  • Sel Stabilizing Platform (BALANCE) 

    Abushalfa, Heba; Al Sahlawi, Fatemah; Al Suwailem, Fahad; Thani, Saoud (2019/22/05)
    Our life now is full of technology that is incorporated in our daily routines. This made us think of a technique that is available but not yet used in the field we are targeting. So we came up with the idea of BALANCE a ...

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