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  • Arabian Sands: Cultural Racism in 19th century Arabia 

    Almahdi, Nawaf (Department of English, 2019-11-29)
    This essay was written as my final research paper for my capstone course, English Literature seminar (ENGL450) class in November 2019. The capstone course’s topic at that time was focused on Travel Literature. The essay ...
  • H.G. Wells: New Objectivity & The Marxist Machine 

    Almahdi, Nawaf (Department of English, 2019-11-24)
    This essay was written as my final research paper for Literary Theory & Criticism class (ENG415), a capstone course taught by Professor Malek Hardan Mohammed. This paper focuses on H.G. Wells’ popular novel The Time Machine ...
  • Dilemma of the Spelling Reform 

    Almahdi, Nawaf (Department of English, 2017-10-10)
    This essay was written in History of the English Language (ENGL300) with Professor Inas Mahfouz in 2017. This research paper was for an assignment where we had to write an argument with or against George Orwell’s Spelling ...
  • Voice of AUK v14, Issue 5, April 2018 

    Student Affairs (2018)
  • AUK Catalog 2019-2020 

    AUK (2019)

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